Green Party must accept failings in its dealings with David Challenor

I was sickened to hear of the absolutely abhorrent rape and torture of a ten year old girl by Green Party activist David [Baloo] Challenor. My thoughts are with the victim. I am especially angry that the perpetrator pleaded not guilty, forcing this poor child to have to attend court and testify against him, drawing out the horrific process. I hope that she has access to adequate help and services having been so appallingly let down by so many thus far.

As a former Parliamentary Election Candidate of the Green Party. I am concerned about how the party has handled this. I have been let down by the party and personally experienced distress at the hands of bullies and procedural failings. Of course nothing on this scale could have been predicted but favouring certain individuals beyond criticism shows the beginnings of safe-guarding failings.


Until yesterday, Coventry Green Party listed their HQ as the Challenor home, where the crimes were committed. Coventry Green Party HQ is a crime scene and has been for over a year. Does this not require some explanation and apologies?

The local branch of Coventry Green Party have not released a statement. All the activists would have known David Challenor. Do they not wish to condemn the actions of their colleague?

Why has Aimee Challenor not been suspended? I feel that appointing an election agent who is awaiting trial for the rape and torture of a child breaks a number of procedural policies, not least bringing the party into disrepute.

I feel that the entire branch should be suspended pending a full investigation, I’m not convinced that the Green Party are taking this seriously. There could be more victims, the party needs to investigate whether other individuals were put at risk by this man being an election agent and resident at their Coventry HQ.

The Green Party did not offer any apology for wrong doing and did not reach out directly to the victim. They did not name male violence, rape, torture or paedophilia, instead using this distasteful term ‘gender-based violence’.  A direct insult to the victim and the gender critical women who exposed Challenor’s membership of the party. They took an entire week to publish any statement at all and when it did emerge contained this line “There is no connection between these offences and Mr Challenor’s previous membership of the Green Party.” What on earth is meant by that? He was an activist for you, a suspected paedophile was out (presumably) knocking on doors on your behalf.

David Challenor an anti-feminist lobbyist who, alongside other members of the LGBTIQA+ Greens, have spent the last few years running a successful campaign of intimidation and hatred towards feminists. The main objectives of these activists has been to:

  • Legalise prostitution
  • Promote medical transition of children and adults
  • Allow male bodied individuals access to women’s spaces
  • Promote the idea of ‘gendered’ brains, an idea which has been used to subjugate women and girls
  • Normalise sexual fetishes such as BDSM (violence) and AB/DL (which involves dressing up as a baby, often wearing a diaper)
  • Silence women who disagree with the above agenda (some members of LGBTIQA+ Greens celebrated the violent attack of feminist, Maria Maclachlan.

Radical feminists campaign tirelessly against male violence. We disagree with BDSM, we do not think anyone can ‘consent’ to being beaten or physically harmed during sexual activity. We condemn anyone who gains sexual pleasure from inflicting pain on another human being. For this opinion we have been called ‘kink-shamers’ and ‘bigots’ as if being turned on by violence is akin to being homosexual and should not be criticised.

Radical feminists and lesbian feminists have been silenced, attacked, ostracised from the Green Party. I was suspended and subsequently expelled for naming a biological male as a ‘man’ on TV. The suspension within a couple of days of the incident, so we know they can move fast with their disciplinary motion when they want to.

My local party tried to resist the bullying of feminists with a motion condemning the behaviour ‘North Surrey Green Party reaffirms its commitment to free speech, and condemns all silencing, abuse, threats and physical violence against all radical feminists; and against all members regardless of sexuality.’ A complaint was upheld against the local group with the Green Party Disciplinary committee asked them to remove this motion on the basis that Radical Feminist = TERF. Well, Green Party of England and Wales, Radical Feminists are women who have the courage to question the misogyny which is rife within your party. Radical feminists are the women who condemn sexual violence, radical feminists are the women who promote the safe guarding of women and children above the feelings of men.

Both the LGBTIQA+ Greens and Coventry Green Party have sheltered this child rapist and actively pushed a misogynistic agenda. It has now become apparent what his motives for supporting this movement were. I am absolutely sure that the majority of members who have met or supported David Challenor are disgusted by his actions and sickened by having had contact with him. I ask them to speak out. I ask them to look at the motives of men within their movement and ask themselves who gains from normalising sexual violence and misogyny?

I await statements from LGBTIQA+ Greens, Coventry Green Party and further clarification from the Green Party of England and Wales.



The Genderquake debate fiasco and the McCarthyism that followed.

In September 2017 I witnessed a 60 year old feminist being attacked by several transactivists, one of whom punched her in the face. I had not met the victim, Maria Maclachlan, prior to this although we have since become friends. Maria was unknown to her attackers and was targeted on the basis that she was attending a discussion on gender. Those who witnessed it could see how easily any of us could have fallen victim to this violence.

The incident was a turning point for many feminists. The translobby had shown us that they felt untouchable and were prepared to use violence to silence anyone who even wanted to discuss the topic of gender. In light of this attack a few of us founded an organisation called Mayday4Women. We wanted to show that violence will not silence us. We believe women have a right to know what the proposed amendments to the Gender Recognition Act are and where sex segregated spaces have been compromised.

Mayday4Women were specifically invited by ITN to attend the Genderquake Debate. We were initially invited to put across our opinions on the panel, later being told that although the panel was full they hoped we would be able to join in the discussion.

As you can see from the footage, the room was deliberately set up in an informal way with the ‘panel’ on a few sofas in the middle, and invited guests seated on sofas in a wider circle. There were two rows of seats at either side of the room for other members of the audience. We were all encouraged to participate ‘the only way people can tell what you are thinking on TV is if you are vocal’ the compere said ‘if you agree with something clap and if you disagree make that clear too’. There was no staged area, during the break we all got up and chatted, I was a stones-throw from Greer so was easily able to introduce myself and sit back down within a matter of seconds.

The programme was monopolised by Cathy Newman sycophantically  interviewing Bergdorf and Jenner, with occasional invitations for Greer or Ditum to contribute. One viewer helpfully documented the time dedicated to each guest.

Feminists are coloured in green and transwomen in red. The disparity is evident.
Genderquake Debate

One section of the programme was ring-fenced to discuss the feminist ideas. Newman initiated this by asking Bergdorf’s opinion. Bergdorf was unapologetic about his belief that women should not centre ‘reproductive systems’ in our feminism. Since it’s invention, feminism has been essential to women’s biological rights. We are globally still a long way from reproductive rights and even still fighting female infanticide! I had asked Greer to cite the aforementioned infanticide case, however she said she wasn’t able to as she’d not read the story.

I was appalled at Bergdorf’s suggestion that we should not talk about these issues. Talking about female biology and sexism IS feminism. The best comparison I can think of  to make is if someone like Rachel Dolezal were to express an opinion that the Black Rights Movement should not centre race.

It was clear the panel were either not prepared to, or not going to be given the opportunity to, refute this insulting notion that feminism shouldn’t centre female biology. I was compelled to point out Bergdorf’s misrepresentation of my cause.
‘You’re a man’ I said, ‘You’re a misogynist’. I did of course raise my voice to be heard. Even then you can hardly make out what I’m saying. All guests who had not been miked up had been raising their voices throughout. If I’d not spoken up, viewers would have witnessed Bergdorf’s opinions unchallenged.

Bergdorf has previously referred to a woman as ‘hairy barren lesbian’ and insulted another as a ‘butch lezza’. According to Bergdorf reproductive organs are out of bounds in feminism but alright to mention in sexist insults such as ‘your womb is broken’

Are these the words of a woman? Or are they, as I maintain, the words of a misogynist?

Within hours my photo was being circulated with the words “This f****** B*** needs shooting…”. It was only a matter of time before I was doxxed as a Green Party member. Considering other people in the room had been visibly and audibly raising their voices throughout. I’m not sure why Munroe picked on me, nor why various tweets attributed every comment made by the audience to me!


The Green Party failed to notify me that there was an investigation. However they did invite a Labour Party activist who had not been present at the studio to comment!

This happened at 10.23am. By early afternoon friends were messaging saying that I’d been suspended from the Green Party. I was shocked to read this on the Independent‘s website having not even been notified of this myself. I rung up the head office and was informed that I had been told by email about my suspension. I had not received this. I pointed out that even if they had the correct email address it might have been wise to call me before releasing it to the national press.

I was forwarded the email which assured me that this was a temporary suspension in order to ‘prevent possible harm to the Party’s reputation’ and  that they ‘would like to assure [me] that this the matter will be given full and fair consideration.’
This was totally incongruent with the statement issued by the LGBTIQA+ Greens who have a longstanding reputation for bullying lesbians and older women out of their group.

Most Trans people will agree that sex and gender are not interchangable terms. The feminist analysis of gender is that it is a social construct of behaviours and characteristics which are imposed upon us as individuals. Women do not have an innate desire to wear dresses, they are socialised to do so. Naturally, most of us do not fit happily into these stereotypes and we believe that women and men should be liberated from gender roles and free to act as they wish. For instance, I would support any man’s right to wear dresses and makeup, or any woman’s right to have short hair and become a physicist.

The main difference between the feminist and transactivist analysis is that feminists  believe that there are various biological differences between men and women but these do not impact on our desire to behave or dress in a certain way.  Whereas transactivists believe that gender is an innate characteristic, a man who wears makeup and dresses is, in their view, not merely rejecting gender stereotypes but literally a woman.

I don’t believe that a biological male can ever be a woman. My trans friends are aware of my opinion on this and not all of them agree with me. However, they do not consider me to be transphobic. Transphobia is not a rejection of the idea of ‘innate gender’ anymore than Islamophobia or Antisemitism is the denial of the existence of God. It is an absolute insult to my friends who have experienced transphobia or homophobia in the form of beating, spitting, and abuse to dilute the word ‘transphobia’ to mean ‘disagreeing’.

I attended a Green Party meeting yesterday in which everyone supported me. Whilst the LGBTIQA+ Greens like to imply that the entire party is awash with trans-activists they are in fact a tiny vocal minority. The active members i.e. the ones that do the all the legwork, the members who go to meeting after meeting, tirelessly deliver leaflets, knock on doors for other candidates; we are people who just care about the environment. Just ordinary people not gender extremists who spend all day tweeting.

So we’ll see how this plays out. Whether the extremists succeed in kicking me out of the party, will they pick us off one by one for believing in the scientific reality of sex? I wonder who will deliver all the leaflets for those too special to do so themselves!

BPD: a continuation of ‘hysteria’

I’m sitting in a room surrounded by women. Women relaying instances in which they have shouted back at or lashed out at their family or friends. “I know I shouldn’t have” one of them said “but he went for me and I just hit him”. We all um and are and the group leader suggests analysing how this woman had reached the point of ‘hitting’. I’m thinking isn’t this self defence? Even if not, is this not just masculine behaviour within a female. Women are expected to have infinite patience and not be hot headed or physical, yet we don’t all live up to that expectation. And here we are receiving ‘therapy’ for behaviours which would be viewed as completely non-problematic in a man.

The more the sessions went on the more sure I became that I do not have Borderline Personality Disorder. I had very little in common with the other women in the room. I ticked very few of the symptoms. I have lost a lot of faith in psychiatrists after receiving a new diagnoses from each professional I saw yet I had pursued these group sessions as a last ditch attempt to alleviate my recurrent depression and anxiety. The class had been suggested to me by my male care coordinator. The third week in I gave up and asked for a new care coordinator. I was told I still did not have a proper diagnosis and that I should attend a psychological examination.

The letter came finally came through and to my disappointment I had been allocated an appointment with a psychiatrist who I had seen a few years ago and found to be extremely patronising. I considered trying to ask for a different psychiatrist but having already requested a new care coordinator I didn’t want to be too demanding.

Eventually the appointment came. At first the session was OK, we exchanged pleasantries and then he began running through the history of my mental health. I had previously opened up to a member of the mental health team about the altercation at the Anarchist Bookfair. The doctor asked me about this. I mumbled something about my concerns over transing of children and male rapists entering female prisons under the guise of transgenderism. Anyway I must admit I did not explain it in the most comprehensive way, he’s a psychiatrist I’m sure he has a fully formed view on gender identity and in any case this is a psychological assessment not a political debate. He interrupted me mid-sentence and said “Well I can hardly follow what you are saying, it’s hardly surprising that people who are sensitive to this issue would be offended!”. He just sounded like a TRA, implying that words can justify violence.

We discussed the death of my friend to which he asked “What attracted you to Dan? Do you think you are drawn to being friendly with vulnerable people?” Jesus, now even this was my fault was it?

After all of this he asks “Have you ever experienced sexual abuse?” I paused.
“I have… but so have loads of women.”
“No they haven’t!”
“Yes they have”
“It isn’t normal”
“It happens all the time”
I suppose we agreed to disagree, I couldn’t be bothered to bring up the #metoo movement!
He went on to ask if I’d experienced childhood abuse. Other than being brought up as a catholic (which is pretty disturbing) I’ve not experienced childhood trauma. I know this psychiatrist dude is catholic from previous conversations so I avoided mentioning that.
“No” I replied.
He gave me look of disbelief. I know exactly why he wanted to uncover some childhood abuse. He was hoping to find a cause for my imaginary personality disorder.

We discussed my present work, my preference for working in NGOs and my commitment to volunteering and campaigning.
So with only a few minutes left he concluded that I probably do have borderline personality disorder. I explained to him that I don’t actually have many of the symptoms.

“OK” he said. “Perhaps you just have some unhelpful personality traits.”
Aside from the fact that the term Personality Disorder comes across as insulting –  You’re not ill, its just your defective personality – it struck me that it was strange this diagnoses was made by two men and refuted by a number of women. Is that because of male ignorance on how widespread sexual abuse is? Speaking your own mind, drinking and recreational drug use are generally accepted, and somewhat encouraged in males, yet are indicative of a personality disorder in females. As I left the room couldn’t help feeling as if I had just been diagnosed with hysteria by a Victorian doctor.

I’m Graysexual, Ambrosexual, Genderfluid & Non-binary – no, really it’s true.

The queer community have a plethora of sexualities and gender identities with which to ‘diagnose’ people who have completely normal feelings. The language used is reminiscent of the cold reading techniques by mediums and fortune tellers. It is easy to describe in great detail thoughts and feelings which the reader feels a unique description of herself but are in fact applicable to most people.

Sex drive varies from person to person and changes throughout people’s lives. According to the graysexual means ‘sometimes having sexual attraction and/or feelings, but usually not. generally asexual but perhaps capable of sexual desire under certain conditions, eg love or romance.’. It strikes me that having sexual feelings towards people only under circumstances such as love or romance is incredibly common.

There are upsides and downsides of the queering of normality. I would say that it is generally a positive thing if young people feel that they can acknowledge these feelings. The ability to self-define as graysexual or asexual is probably a really helpful tool for teenagers who want to avoid being coerced into sex. It clearly doesn’t have the stigma that ‘frigid’ did when I was growing up. My concern is that by labelling oneself in such a way by default labelling others as being outside that category. How many times do we read a blog or an article and feel that the writer knows us intimately, or listen to a song and think ‘this is basically about my life’? That is because of our shared humanity. Many of us have similar experiences, ups and downs, love and heartbreak, teenage angst etc.

A society in which sexual consent was normalised, and one would not have to make excuses for rejecting sexual advances would be highly preferable. The age at which children begin exploring sexually is getting younger. Equally concerning is the type of sexual activity due to children being exposed to pornography. It should be a given that a thirteen year old girl does not want to have sex. She should not have to claim to be asexual to reject a potential partner. People have the right to say ‘no’ at any age. No should mean no, whether it is regarding going on a date, a kiss, sexual activity or anything. We should not be questioned why, or feel the need to explain ourselves in terms of our sexuality. Many people will be familiar with long term relationships in which sex is expected. We do it either through coercion or guilt. However, sex should be a mutually consenting activity. Even the word consent is not quite strong enough, it should be a mutually desired activity. Let’s do away with the ‘I’ve got a headache’ or ‘I’m graysexual’ and just move towards a no means no – with no explanation needed.

Similarly the modern use of the word gender is about putting ourselves in boxes at the exclusion of other people. Genderfluid is ‘a gender identity best described as a dynamic mix of boy and girl. A person who is Gender Fluid may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders, but may feel more boy some days, and more girl other days.
Being Gender Fluid has nothing to do with which set of genitalia one has, nor their sexual orientation.’ Again, I am quoting urban dictionary. Isn’t this how most of us feel. Some days we want to pamper ourselves and make an effort with our outwards appearance, other days we want to just get muddy or climb trees. I suspect I climb more trees than most people in their 30s but you get the drift. The notion that people who identify as genderfluid are in some way different to the rest of society is bizarre. Few of us fit fully into societies expectations of either ‘gender’. Does this not prove that gender is not innate? The realisation that one does not conform to either gender, and that one can actually switch these characteristics from day to day leads so perfectly to the feminist analysis of gender. Genderfluidity should really put an end to the idea of innate gender.

Aside from the logical flaws in the gender argument. There is a more sinister consequence. Medicalisation of normality. ‘Non-binary’ kids wanting mastectomies and hormones. It breaks my heart to think of these vulnerable people. I truly empathise, I know how it feels to be non-binary; I know how it feels because it is perfectly normal. Your body is fine, your mind is ok, you are normal, you have just been brainwashed.



The Anarchist Bookfair

The Anarchist Book Fair

As a feminist I believe that the proposed amendments to the Gender Recognition Act poses serious questions and will potentially put women and children in direct danger. My gender critical friends and I have been trying to draw attention to this fact and allow our opinions to be heard. I am used to coming up against differing opinions in my years of campaigning for human, environmental and animal rights. However, my campaign against amending the GRA has led me to experience and witness more vicious and targeted attacks than ever before. Crucially, these are not institutions but individual Trans Rights Activists who are openly acting outside of the law whilst academics and politicians turn a blind eye. At no point in recent history have women, especially lesbians, been so actively silenced and no-platformed. I have witnessed violent threats online and violent actions in person. These are clearly used in an attempt to silence us.

Historically anarchists have championed free speech especially views which have been supressed by the state and powerful institutions. The Anarchist Book Fair seemed like a good place to get our opinions across and try to target women who might be sympathetic. In the end only two of us turned up to leaflet. We didn’t have a stall or banners we just wanted to distribute our leaflets in a non-confrontational, low-key way.

Initially women seemed interested in our leaflets and thanked us for the information. We were handing out leaflets for nearly an hour before anyone objected. Firstly, a man objected by suggesting that our leaflets were transphobic. Whilst we have encountered this viewpoint before, I am convinced that this is not true. Many trans people agree with gender critical viewpoints and even more realise the potential dangers (to women and genuinely dysphoric individuals) of allowing anyone to choose their gender with no proof or checks.

After a while more people objected to our leaflets, screwing them up and throwing them at us or tearing them up angrily. I didn’t feel particularly threatened at this point. The situation escalated and groups of people started shouting at us and tearing the leaflets out of our hands. I also saw them snatching them off women that we’d handed them too. Their behaviour became more aggressive: they were pushing and shoving us as well as shouting at us. My sunglasses were broken and I could see they were being even more aggressive to my friend. We were pushed up against the wall with 30 or so people shouting get out and calling us TERFs. We did not fight back at all, initially my friend tried to get her leaflets back but we are just two smallish women against an angry mob of dozens. We managed to escape through a corridor away from the crowds. Some women made their way back and thanked us for standing up for women’s rights despite the violent backlash. Helen Steele, who was at the bookfair for other reasons, helped us find a back route around the building and slip out the front gate.

We went to meet another friend down the road. I was contacted a while later and told that Helen had been attacked for defending us and helping us escape. I felt so angry and upset that she’d gone through that purely for being a decent human being to us. We met our other friend who was armed with more literature we put our hoods up and quietly slipped back into the bookfair to check on Helen. We weren’t able to get to her but did manage to stick some flyers in the toilets.

Following the events I’ve received a torrent of abuse online ranging from slanderous comments suggesting I had hit someone to videos and tweets inciting violence against us. This abuse has been outweighed by messages of support from women who believe in our cause but are too scared to speak out. This is a pattern that we see every time we talk about these issues. This is what keeps me going. I will not stop until women are allowed to openly discuss issues that affect them without fear of intimidation.

Tips for ‘coming out’ as Gender Critical

Whatever walk of life you come from you are likely to encounter some resistance to your new found (or newly open) gender critical thinking. As most of us arrive at this viewpoint from a place of feminism and compassion we have most likely surrounded ourselves by people who have been exposed to a number of lies regarding gender, peddled by the Trans Activist Lobby or Liberal Feminists. These people are likely to be shocked at your viewpoint.

  • Embrace your allies. Join meetup groups, Facebook groups, attend events. It can feel lonely if your immediate friends and family don’t ‘get’ it, even if they don’t disagree. The radical feminists that I’ve met have become my close friends – if you agree on this you’ll likely find you’ve got common views on other issues.
  • Be wary of social media. Whilst quietly discussing this issue with family, friends, colleagues, you may find it easy to have a civilised discussion. However, do not expect the same reaction on social media. Remember that everything you write on social media is permanent, even a deleted post could have been screenshotted. Don’t write anything that you will later regret. Nice people can become very aggressive on social media, so be prepared for your reserved acquaintances to suddenly call you a TERF, transphobe, or bigot.
  • Be aware of gas lighting. Sometimes being gender critical can cause you to doubt your own sanity. We know the definition of Man and Woman, we know that gender roles are stereotypes not descriptions of innate qualities and yet TRAs are telling us the opposite.
  • Don’t expect support from everyone. Most of us have lost a few friends over this. Hopefully not close friends but be prepared for the worst. Something which can become very frustrating is the silence from people who agree with you. Remember that you have chosen this battle knowing the consequences and some people may not be in a place to openly support you, don’t resent them for that.
  • Avoid burnout. Campaigning on this issue can be emotionally as well as physically exhausting. Don’t push yourself to attend every talk, every meet up, or join in every Twitter debate. Do what you can achieve within reason, save enough energy (and time of work!) for the most important tasks.
  • Try to preserve normality. This is a crucial time, women’s rights are under attack now more than any other time in recent history. However, it’s probably best not to have an apocalyptic view on this – we will win. We are encountering extremists, the vast majority of the population will agree that there is a difference between transwomen and natural born women. Once the masses find out the significance of what is happening this whole battle will become a lot easier.
  • Keep time for yourself. Read novels, exercise, meditate, listen to music – enjoy life. Embrace distractions. Preserve your mental health, it’s important for your wellbeing and your role as an activist. If you do struggle with mental health issues you can always talk to your GP or care coordinator about this. They are not paid to judge you for your political opinions, they will help look after your help.
  • Remember the Suffragettes! When women demanded votes they were on the fringes of society, they were often disowned by their family and friends. Coming out as a gender critic you may find resistance but if you genuinely believe in what you are fighting for you can be proud to be bravely going against the grain, making history by saving and progressing rights for women.


Gender – a Feminist, Environmentalist Critique

What does Gender Even Mean?

Gender has until recently been a word used to describe societal expectations of people based on their sex. Feminists and sociologists still regard this as the correct definition of the word. We are all familiar with ‘gender roles’ signifying stereotypical responsibilities of a man or woman – e.g. a woman cooks, a man is the breadwinner. Most people would recognise these stereotypes to be sexist, the idea that women are worse at maths or enjoy playing with Barbie dolls more than trains is pure misogyny. Yet a recent phenomenon has been the use of the word gender to represent some innate quality! Little boys don’t wear dresses – if they want to they must really be a girl! This is completely backward thinking, feminists have fought against these absurd stereotypes for years. I am a woman because of my chromosomes and my reproductive organs. My brain is equal to that of a man, my preferences in life are due to my personality and upbringing.

The Rights of the Child

Children have a right to learn the truth about their bodies. Ceasing to teach children the biological differences between men and women is as dishonest as scrapping evolution from the syllabus or giving credence to holocaust deniers.

Even more concerning is that after confusing children on this topic, adults are actively encouraging them to question their gender, even take medication to change it. Young children are being put on puberty blocking drugs so they can later decide whether to fully transition. Trans Rights Activists vocally proclaim that this is completely harmless and entirely reversible. However, as with any new drugs we should be incredibly sceptical, studying the long term implications. Puberty is a natural process to do with growing up, we observe the growing of hair and voices dropping but know little about the effects on about brain development and other ways in which our body matures. What we do know is that puberty blockers can permanently sterilize children in addition to posing other health risks.

Follow the Money

There are several industries making a lot of money out of pushing the myth of innate gender. Consumerist society has rocketed in the last few decades, cheap plastic toys and throwaway fashion produced cheaply by manmade materials and exploitative labour has been a capitalist dream. The rich corporations did not miss the trick of gendering items; what better idea than make sure brothers and sisters can’t share toys or clothes? Why wouldn’t they want to sell twice as many products? The gendering of toys is considered disproportionately damaging to girls.

Another major stakeholder is pharmaceutical industry. Cosmetic procedures are growing fast and wide. Facelifts and boob jobs are no longer reserved for Hollywood legends but are now becoming common among the general public. Teenage girls who probably require counselling to boost their confidence are instead considering changing their bodies. Body positivity is completely eroded by the beauty industry and is a constant battle for feminists. So called ‘gender reassignment surgery’ or ‘gender affirmation surgery’ is a new opportunity for cosmetic surgeons to experiment with new procedures and charge thousands of pounds per patient.

What about the Environment?

We must do everything in our power to combat the disastrous destruction of the environment. This is simply not feasible with the aforementioned level of consumerism. The only way to save the planet is to move to a simpler lifestyle without plastic toys and throwaway fashion, this will certainly not be achieved by increasing consumerism built on the gender myth.

Pharmaceutical drugs also have a major impact on our planet. Hormones that enter the water cycle does not get filtered out by the current water purification process. Wide use of the contraceptive pill has been known to raise estragon levels in water which can be harmful to fish (as well as human men). Introducing further hormones is bound to have an impact on fish and other animals yet little research has been carried out and this prospect seems barely to have been addressed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Climate scientists are still having to fight against those who deny man made climate change despite the overwhelming wealth of evidence to support it. We must stop encouraging anti-science lobbies such as climate change deniers and biological sex deniers.

The Gender Recognition Act

Maria Miller has proposed an amendment to the Gender Recognition Act which will allow men and women to certify their gender identity without needing backing from doctors or other experts. The implications of this amendment are vast. Feminists have fought for sex segregated spaces for a number of reasons. The recent #MeToo hashtag has shed light on just how frequently women get sexually assaulted or harassed. If we can’t feel safe in a club at least we can retreat to sex segregated toilets. If we can’t remain in our houses without fear of abusive partners or ex partners at least we can move to sex segregated domestic violence refuges. If we are unlucky enough to end up in an underfunded, unsafe prison at least there are no men there to rape us. The idea that men can self-define as women and gain access to these spaces is frightening. We are not only talking about gender non-conforming men here, any man with any motive will be able to simply identify as a woman. A rapist, a violent misogynist, a stalker could have instant access to women’s spaces. It is pure naivety to envisage that these types of criminals would not use any avenue to further their crime.

Of course I want transwomen to be safe from the bullying, harassment and sexual assault of men. The very fact that they recognise they are not safe in male spaces demonstrates why women need spaces to escape men. In an ideal world we could keep people safe from each other, especially in prisons. However this is not currently the case. We must discuss this issue and come to a conclusion that protects the safety of women and transwomen alike. We are a long way from reaching this outcome therefore to accept Maria Millers GRA bill put women in immediate danger.